New brand encompasses consumables, templates and replaceable component

LAS VEGAS, November 11, 2021 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU) launched a new brand to distinguish its fabrication materials from its professional installer training. Kingpin Fab Products comprises the company’s templates, router bits, hand tools, fabrication aids and consumables. The new line debuted at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in the Cerwin-Vega / Diamond Audio booth.

The newest additions to the Kingpin Fab Products line include the second-generation Clean Wire System, which helps technicians highlight connectivity alongside creative amplifier and component layouts. The Router Shield System protects hands and deflects debris when using a router and features three sizes to match any project. In addition, the Kingpin Fab Products filler line consists of two versions—Create and Levitate – to give fabricators versatility in  sculpting strength and finish. Additional products will be announced in the coming months.

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“We’d like to thank Diamond Audio / Cerwin-Vega for giving us space in their booth to showcase and announce our launch,” said Jason Kranitz, president of Kingpin University and its accompanying retail store Kingpin Car and Marine Audio. “With the growth of our product line, we felt the timing was right to give our products branding that is separate from our training services. It also gives us the ability to market the product line beyond the mobile electronics industry. SEMA, despite lower overall attendance, was a great show for us and was the perfect kick-off for the new line.”

Kingpin Fab Products will soon receive its own website at, where retailers will be able to place orders at wholesale pricing. For more information on Kingpin University or Kingpin Fab Products, please visit

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