This month’s featured vehicle is an absolute clinic in attention to detail, as well as customer satisfaction. Follow me as I visit some of the finer details of this masterful install from Livewire Customs, in Fairfield California, in their client’s 1969 Mercury Cougar.

Despite the current restrictions the nation is facing with all of the recent public safety issues, for most auto and audio enthusiasts it is impossible to ignore that we are finally coming into Cruising Season. That time of year where the weather reaches that zenith where it only makes sense to be out riding the boulevard with your favorite gal, or group of close friends, etc., and enjoying all of the blood, sweat and tears poured into your ride over the winter months. Even though the full unveiling may be postponed by current events, I still thought it only right to let this big girl stretch her legs out into the sunshine to get the looks and attention she deserves. Let’s dig into the build put together by Ben Bolchi and John Gomez at Livewire Customs.

There are so many details to pour over, it’s hard to know where to begin. For those with a keen eye, you’ll notice very subtle cues that really come together to give the build a very cohesive feel, from front to back. Take, for instance, the stamping from the radiator core support up front (if you can wrest your eyes from that very well appointed Ford power plant) which matches the design motif of the rear most trunk cover panel flawlessly, a very subtle but very tasteful appointment. The same geometric family managed to splash its way down the custom door panels as well, bringing the under-hood, cabin space, and trunk space together in perfect harmony. Matching the inserts in the door panels with the mesmerizing seat upholstery pattern is just another way the car all works resplendently together in perfect harmony.

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Now, this is not this particular client’s first rodeo with the talented staff at Livewire Customs, so he wanted to recreate the experience he had with his prior build. As such a similar mid and high frequency speaker arrangement was settled on, but to ensure that all the necessary current arrived at its destination (keep in mind the subs alone are slated to receive 2.5Kw of power!), and to make certain the signal remained True To The Source, the entire build was wired with the DD Z-Wire System, available at your local authorized DD Audio Dealer.

The tricky bit of this particular install was the sub section. Ben and company knew that their work was cut out for them, as we all know getting solid bass from a convertible is no small feat. Given the allotted 2500 watts from the chosen monoblock amp used in this install, Ben knew that if he wanted to get loud, DD Audio was just the ticket. After learning about our humble company at Knowledge Fest, then doing his own independent research on our business, they decided to pick us up as a product line and “couldn’t have been happier with (their) choice”. He decided on a pair of 3512 ESP with the Supercharge option, and proceeded to build the enclosure with plenty of window bracing, because as we all know, box flex is simply wasted acoustic energy! The design language used for the woofer grille highlights what is, for this author, easily my favorite part of the car in its entirety.

As I mentioned at the top of the article, what makes this build so special is the attention to often the most overlooked details. While some may simply see a highly angular slotted speaker grille protecting two high output sub bass transducers, those with greater vision will have taken notice that the shape of each slat of the sub grille is a direct homage to the original slats covering the sensational (for the period) full width brake lights. These sorts of very subtle design aspects show a real level of creativity and craftsmanship that is not seen as much as some of us would prefer, myself included.

Thanks again to Ben Bolchi and John Gomez, for sharing this delight of a build with us, and I look forward to seeing more top notch work from the fine folks at Livewire Customs.

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