It’s getting to be the time of year where those of us confronted with the rigors of winter weather pine wistfully, waiting with baited breath for the tide to crest, and for us to have our shot at the precious warm weather spring promises to bring. Then there are those who live where the weather is so fair, so often, that they can throw caution to the wind and simply remove the top from the car entirely! This beautiful boulevard bruiser is brought to us today by Livewire Customs of Fairfield, California.

Ben Bolchi and his crew are in the business of building client’s dreams. Be it on two or four wheels, even no wheels, Ben and his team of skilled fabricators are able to take on the challenge of the day, and knock it out of the park. This build, a 1951 Plymouth Business Coupe is no exception. Keeping things simple, there is a focused soundstage with just the right amount of bump in the back to satisfy any real basshead. Performing all this audio magic is a pair of the DD-VO-B3 tweeters, a quartet of VO-M6.5s, all powered by a D4.100 4 channel amp. Sub duties fall on our venerable REDLINE Series 612-D4 woofers, being fed by a DM1500.1 amplifier.

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When asked what first interested the fine folks at Livewire Customs in our line of products, they had simply become aware of our presence in the scene, mostly online. After seeing how our product performs, it was a no-brainer to utilize this set up in the build. The client was so impressed by the knowledgeable gear selection and implementation that they are already looking at what to do with another slick classic of his, this time a first gen Camaro.

We will definitely keep an eye out for more stunners to come from Livewire Customs, and we have no doubt Ben and the crew will be churning out more showstoppers before we know it!  Additional thanks go out to Al Bruner and John Gomez for their contributions to the build.

Sound Equipment List:
2x DD Audio VO-B3 – Voice Optimized Bullet Tweeter
4x DD Audio VO-M6.5 – Voice Optimized Mid-Range
1x DD Audio D4.100 – 4 Channel Amplifier
2x DD Audio 612-D4 – REDLINE Series Subwoofers
1x DD Audio DM1500 – Monoblock Amplifier

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