There’s something to be said for getting exactly what you want. It takes a certain type of individual to buck convention, shut out all naysayers and just go for it, doing it like that old crooner, Sinatra: his way. Those are the types that have no qualms about cutting the top on a classic C-10, and painting it as red as the law allows. The tricky part lies in finding a way to make the inside of the truck as sweet as the outside, and that is where McGregor Auto Styling comes into the picture.

Having been in the industry for a couple of decades already, Troy McGregor had heard of our line of products, but hadn’t had any hands on experience yet. It took a crack sales team ace swinging by the shop and extolling the virtues of our little company to win Troy over. He hasn’t looked back since. Knowing that the owner of this mean cherry had high standards, Troy had just the trick up his sleeve to get great sound out of virtually no space.

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Starting off with some modest coaxial drivers up front (our DX6.5a’s), a super capable slim mount sub (the SL710 in this case) out back, and the power to drive them (namely our D4.75 and DM1000a), the devil was going to be in the packaging. A little fiberglass, filler and elbow grease later, and a tiny nook was transformed into a slick hideaway amp case, complete with a signal processor to boot. There were custom grates made to allow for plenty of air circulation and for the sake of symmetry. Having met the client’s requirements of clean audio reproduction with strong low end presence, everyone came out of this install smiling.

Like most of us, once you go custom it becomes a slippery slope. To that end, there are already tentative plans for a front stage upgrade to full components, and who knows what else from there!? At the end of the day, nothing beats getting exactly what you wanted.

DD Audio Equipment List:
2x DX6.5a – D Class 6.5 Inch Coaxial Speakers
1x SL710 – SL Series Subwoofer
1x D4.75 – D Series (MINI) 4 Channel Amplifier
1x DM1000a – D Series Monoblock Amplifier

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