This is my “Budget Build” With Memphis Audio! I have about $2000 tied up in this build including the car and all. It does hair tricks on 8 SVC 250Watt subs on 3K of power! Car is not finished yet. I still have to reinforce the roof and get it covered in some fur!

Deck: Clarion

Amps: (2) Memphis Audio 16-PRX1500.1 | (1) Memphis Audio 16-PRX4.50

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Sub Stage: (8) Memphis Audio 15-PR12S4V2 12″ | Walled 4th Order 25 Cubes Total 15 Vented 10 Sealed

Front Stage: (2) Memphis Mojo Pro 6.5” 15-MJP6 (2) Memphis Pro Tweets 15-MJPT

Electrical: (1) DB Electric High Output Altenator | (6) Monolite 6SLA1256v 125ah AGM Batteries| Mostly Memphis Audio Wires

Various: Has About 2 Bulk Packs Of Dynamat Xtreme | 10+ cans of expand foam in the side panels of the car and other places

Metering: 148.7 Sealed @ 38hz  | Outlaw hasn’t been metered on a TL but there is a significant 3+DB Gain

12096011_10206788561706281_4595471074794998434_n_800x450 IMG_20151020_084911156_800x450 IMG_20151023_162508272_800x450 IMG_20151214_122720110_800x450 IMG_20151214_122732966_800x450 IMG_20151217_152701419_800x450 IMG_20151217_152727622_450x800 IMG_20151217_152753553_800x450

More photos here:

Video here:

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