The training series helps manufacturers create communication strategies for new product releases.

LANSING, Mich., Apr. 8, 2021 — Feyer Marketing, a digital marketing agency specializing in the automotive aftermarket, released a new series of free training videos that helps brands successfully launch new products in the aftermarket.

The video series is made up of three videos, detailing the crucial steps brands should take when launching new products. The series is designed to help brand builders launch products so that their customers will actually take notice, all while reducing the frustration and chaos that typically surrounds product launches.

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“Launching products is a lynchpin activity, meaning that doing this right is so critical, it could make or break your entire business,” said Ryan Feyer, managing director at Feyer Marketing. “When most marketers release new products, nobody listens or their efforts are so scattered, it’s obvious that they fumbled their way through the launch process. This is why we created the product launch framework shared in the video series.”

As part of the training, Feyer Marketing has also produced two free downloadable tools to help guide brand builders in launching products: the Run of Show and After Action Review.

The entire video series can be viewed for free at

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Feyer Marketing is fueling automotive aftermarket brands with performance advertising and profitable websites. Feyer Marketing is a Michigan-based agency representing growth-oriented brands throughout the country.  Learn more about Feyer Marketing at

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