We are happy to announce SkarAudio.com has been completely redesigned and updated as many of you mave have noticed while you are reading this. Here at Skar Audio we are always striving to improve our customer experience, and felt it was time to update all of our website services to keep up with all of the other exciting things the company has going on.

The newly launched site is packed with a slew of brand new content, including an extensive knowledge base, FAQ section, easier to access support system, and much more. It is without question that this new site is much faster as well, which will allow our customers faster access to our product. This new system gives our customers the capability of purchasing all Skar Audio products directly from our website with ease, while maintaining an advanced backend shipping system that allows international checkout as well. Any orders placed on SkarAudio.com going forward will ship the same or next business day and are automatically updated with real time tracking information.

Furthermore, the new website has a much better dealer locator system in place allowing customers to find the closest Skar Audio retailer in theirr area. Our goal with this new launch was to make it as easy as possible for our customers to have access to our products and other Skar Audio resources with simplicity. In addition to all of these exciting new features, there are many more which I could not list all in post, so please browse around and contact us with any questions.

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Thank you for your continued support,

Kevin Schlenker

President – Skar Audio

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