Alpine is now shipping their audiophile grade sound processor and it is PACKED with goodies. Bring out your sound system’s full potential with the onboard tuning tools. Adjust the active crossover within 1Hz steps to optimize the transition points between speakers in the system. Tune your sound system to perfection with the 31-band parametric or graphic output equalizer. Bring your music to the front and center of your vehicle with up to 20ms of time correction in .01ms steps per channel so every drive feels like a front-row seat at a concert.

For the discerning audio enthusiast who’s looking for a better music experience in their vehicle, the PXE-X09 Hi-Resolution Digital Sound Processor allows you to integrate aftermarket amplifiers and speakers into your vehicle without replacing the factory head unit. The on-board tuning tools give you the power to design a custom listening experience so you can get lost in your music.

The PXE-X09 comes with 16 channels of input and output for various sound system setups. An on-board Real Time Analyzer and a 10-band parametric input equalizer allows you to flatten the factory EQ curve or use as a global EQ. The internal signal generator quickly sends the appropriate tuning sounds to test and tune your system with the option of using pink or white noise or sinusoid.

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  • Hi-Res Audio Compliant
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Built-in Real-Time Analyzer
  • Built-in Signal Generator (Pink Noise, White Noise, Sinusoid)
  • Bluetooth® audio streaming with included external module
  • Wireless sound tuning via smartphone. PC tuning also available
  • Dash-mounted remote controller included

Tech Specs

  • Hi-Resolution Audio Compliant (40k Hz)
  • 16-channel High/Low voltage inputs for both OEM and aftermarket installations
  • Matrix Mixing
  • 294.9MHz Processor
  • 216kHZ/24bit ADC/DAC
  • 10 Band Parametric or Graphic Input EQ
  • 31 Band Parametric or Graphic Output EQ
  • 6 EQ Presets
  • >100dB Signal to Noise Ratio
  • >110dB Channel Separation
  • High pass / low pass crossovers per channel
  • Time correction; Up to 20ms delay per channel
  • 16-channel RCA/ High-level input
  • 1 Coaxial input
  • 1 optical input

Real-Time Tuning
Effortlessly tune your system from your smartphone, tablet, or PC (requires a wired USB connection, USB cable included). Get real-time tuning results that you can immediately hear and test with the “Before” and “After” effect to hear the fruits of your labor.

Download the free PXE-X09 DSP app on the App Store or Google Play™. The PC app is available on the Alpine Knowledge Center

Learn more about the Alpine PXE-X09 Here:

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