Holly Hill, FL –June 2, 2021 – Axxess by Metra Electronics is now shipping two new plug-n-play packages for its AXDSP-X, five new packages for its AXDSP-L “Lite” models, and a universal water-resistant AXDSP-L.

Axxess® Ships New DSP Packages and Integration Solutions

Additional new integration products include a personalization retention interface designed to fit select Mazda CX-5 and CX-9 models and an LVDS camera interface designed to fit select Chevrolet and GMC models.

Plug-N-Play AXDSP-X Packages

Metra Access DSP Lite

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Axxess’s patented 10-channel digital signal processor (AXDSP-X) and a vehicle-specific wiring harness are included in these new packages, designed for convenient plug-n-play installation.

The patented AXDSP-X features 6 inputs, 10 individually assignable outputs with a 31-band graphic EQ on each channel and high, low, and bandpass filters. Also included is a bass knob for level control of the subwoofer amplifier.

The following new packages are now shipping:

Plug-N-Play AXDSP-L Packages

Metra Access DSP Lite

Axxess’s patented 6-channel DSP “Lite” (AXDSP-L), a vehicle-specific harness, and a bass knob are included in these new plug-n-play packages. The AXDSP-L features 4 inputs, 6 individually assignable outputs with a 15-band graphic EQ, and independent equalization for front, rear and subwoofer channels.

The following new packages are now shipping:

  • AXDSPL-MZ1: Fits Mazda 2010-up*
  • AXDSPL-NI2: Fits Nissan 2010-up*
  • AXDSPL-GL9: Fits GM 2014-2020
  • AXDSPL-HN3: Fits Honda 2016-up* (Accord, Civic, and CRV)
  • AXDSPL-VW1: Fits Volkswagen 2011-2014 (excluding models equipped with a Fender®Premium Audio system)

Universal Water-Resistant AXDSP-L

Metra Access DSP Lite

Just in time for summer, Axxess is now shipping a universal DSP “Lite” (AXDSPL-WR) with a water-resistant enclosure and zip tie mounts. This solution is ideal for motorcycles, powersports vehicles, boats, and other outdoor vehicles that could expose the DSP to water or moisture. This DSP can be used with OE or aftermarket radios and, like all of the Axxess DSP models, has an

internal header port for adding a wireless streaming interface module (AXDSPL-BT) if the vehicle does not have a receiver/head unit.

Personalization Interface for Mazda

Axxess has a new interface that will retain most of the vehicle personalization settings that would otherwise be lost when replacing the factory radio in select Mazda CX-5 and CX-9 models.

The AXBT-MZ2 utilizes short-range wireless technology to allow the driver to adjust and control settings from a smartphone app that were previously controlled from the factory screen. Actual personalization options available vary per vehicle and trim level, and installers should refer to the owner’s manual for options available.

This is a completely plug-n-play solution with no wiring required. This interface works with app compatible smartphones or tabletsand is designed to fit the following Mazda models:

  • CX-5 2013-2015 (with full-color LCD screen)
  • CX-9 2007-2012 (with full-color LCD screen)
  • CX-9 2013-2015 (with full-color LCD screen)
  • CX-9 2007-2012 (with full-color LCD screen and NAV)

LVDS Camera Interface for GM

Adding multiple cameras to the factory screen is no longer an issue for 2014-2019 Chevrolet and GMC trucks and SUVs. The AXAC-GM1 is an LVDS camera switching interface that is intended for use on 8-inch factory screens to enable a single camera input or add up to four cameras.

This interface can be programmed to automatically activate the camera inputs based on turn signal or reverse triggers. The Rear Video Assistant (RVA) option can be used to keep a camera active during the duration of a trip, allowing the driver to monitor a trailer hitch, baby in the backseat, or rear cargo. The reverse signal and turn signal triggers are generated through the vehicle’s CAN Bus communication and this interface is Micro “B” USB updatable.

The AXAC-GM1 is designed for the following GM vehicles with 8-inch screens:

Fits Chevrolet:

  • Colorado 2015-2019
  • Silverado 2014-2019
  • Silverado 2500/3500 2019
  • Suburban 2015-2019
  • Tahoe 2015-2019

Fits GMC:

  • Canyon 2015-2018
  • Sierra 2014-2018
  • Sierra Limited 2019
  • Yukon/XL 2015-2019

These solutions are all in stock and shipping now and will be covered in Metra’s manufacturer training session at KnowledgeFest™ in Orlando.

*See the vehicle application guide at AxxessInterfaces.com for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

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