DD Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to reveal their new line of lower, louder, and more form-fitting loaded enclosures: the LE-500 Series. With the evolution of the REDLINE Series, an opportunity was revealed. One that would better allow DD Audio’s popular loaded enclosures to get the most output from the upgraded REDLINE drivers by adjusting the previous designs for optimal size and tuning. The result is a series of loaded enclosures that play louder and lower without requiring any additional amplifier power. With an overall internal volume increase of nearly 20%, the LE-500 Series is able to utilize bigger ports with lower resonance frequency.

This new series of loaded enclosures offers several noteworthy features. Among them are a fully integrated slot-port, allowing for precision tuning and enhanced box durability, an upgraded grill that improves protection, and a dual impedance speaker terminal that offers 1Ω or 4Ω speaker loads. However, the biggest difference between the LE-500 Series and previous DD loaded enclosures can be found in the dimensions. DD Audio’s R&D team spent their summer climbing into the trunk spaces of sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs to get a huge variety of measurements for volume, seat inclines, 60/40 split fold-down seating, and cargo cover heights. The result was a new trapezoidal design, complimentary to back-row seating for a more contoured fit. By increasing the height just a few inches, the overall width has shrunk, meaning in most cars and SUVs you can have the enclosure behind just one side of their fold-down seating, freeing up the other half.

Check out DD Audio’s New LE-500 Loaded Enclosures at https://ddaudio.com/enclosures/

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