SoundShield is a combination damping and absorption sheet material specifically engineered for the automotive environment. Its triple-layer construction combined with an automotive-grade adhesive ensures it installs easily and performs exceptionally. In this first of a multiple e-Newsletter Tech Brief series, learn significant benefits of using SoundShield to achieve a quieter, more comfortable vehicle and a better-performing automotive sound system.

SoundShield’s unique triple layer construction along with automotive-grade adhesive ensures effective damping with superior performance in just 4.5mm of thickness! 

Damping – The First Benefit
Damping (not DampENing) is the process of adding mass to an object or surface so that the resonant frequency is lowered. Dampening, on the other hand, is wetting a sponge, towel, clothing or other surface.

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Did you know?

  • Adding SoundShield reduces road noise dramatically resulting in better sounding audio systems or simply making the vehicle quieter for hands-free calls.
  • Adding SoundShield reduces panel vibration and makes the position of speakers harder to localize creating a more realistic sounding system!
  • Adding SoundShield increases the low frequency response performance of midbass to better create the ‘up front bass’ illusion when the speaker is installed in a rigid mounting surface.

An object’s free-air resonant frequency (Fs) is a frequency (in Hz) where it naturally wants to move with the least effort. Lower Fs means it takes more energy to naturally vibrate. By adding the mass of SoundShield damping sheets to vehicle panels, it simply means the energy of the sound system is better poised to move the air in the vehicle cabin rather than vibrate the vehicle’s panels. Fewer vibrations from panels make speaker locations harder to localize and that means a sound stage that seems much more realistic.

Don’t wait. Whether you’re installing a sound system or doing a custom vehicle build,  call us at 1-866-968-0230 to order SoundShield damping sheets now and make your next project the best installation yet!

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