Oklahoma City, OK, August 24th, 2021 — DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is pleased to announce an all new A Series speaker line up.

DD Audio’s A Series speakers are regarded as the gold standard for OEM speaker upgrades and this new array is here to maintain that tradition with the AW-6.5 woofer, the AT-28a tweeter and the AM-3 midrange speaker. These components combine premium features, materials and design elements to produce a True to the Source® sound quality.

Extensive part analysis, hours of comparative listening tests, and decades of loudspeaker design experience have resulted in the creation of these A Series components. Their reference grade components are built for listeners who are truly excited by the art of critically listening to mobile audio.

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Every part used in these speakers serves to advance their sonic performance characteristics while eliminating any unwanted elements. The components are available a la carte, so you can build an amazing sounding 2-Way set, 3-Way set, or add select individual components to your system.

The AW-6.5a mid-woofers represent “state of the art” in driver technology. The open design cast aluminum baskets provide an ultra rigid support system while also functioning as an additional heatsink and shorting ring. A high-energy double shorting ring motor is perfectly matched to the 1.5” copper clad aluminum, kapton former voice coil, providing balanced output efficiency and power handling.

The inverted butyl rubber surround and composite spider work in tandem to damp unwanted vibrations while providing control and linearity. An aluminum cone with a soft rubber dustcap offers the neutral sound of a pulp cone with the precision only an ultra rigid cone can deliver. This combination achieves wide bandwidth and efficient energy transfer to the air.

The AM-3 incorporates many of the same design elements as its larger counterpart the AW-6.5a. This dizzying array of features that one only finds in the upper echelon of the world’s finest drivers is tightly packed into the small and highly versatile 3 inch surround package to deliver a crisp, clear and detailed sound in tight spaces.

The AT-28a offers a soft rich sound with extraordinary detail and excellent off axis response.

The lightweight, ultra rigid ceramic dome has excellent damping and offers a breakup mode thousands of cycles above the audible range. A soft silk surround keeps the moving parts linear while also helping to damp any unwanted resonances.

The powerful neodymium motor easily controls the coil and dome during the excursion cycle resulting in near perfect pistonic motion and superb accuracy. A tuned rear cavity extendeds the tweeter’s low frequency response for a broader usable frequency bandwidth.

Check out the new A Series speakers at ddaudio.com/speakers.

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