Oklahoma City, OK, March 13th, 2019 — It is with great excitement that DD Audio, manufacturer of high performance audio equipment, announces the immediate release of the brand new 1506 Power Tuned Subwoofer, DD Audio’s smallest addition to their growing arsenal of ESP equipped subwoofers.

If you need big woofer bass, but have a limited build area, the Power Tuned 1506 ESP is your new best friend. At 6.5 inches, the 1506 is a perfect solution for small space applications such as under and behind seats or tucked away in consoles and other compartments. As with its bigger brothers, the 1506 ESP is designed to accommodate today’s high excursion listening styles with larger diameter suspensions and deeper frames compared to standard sub designs, as well as proprietary surrounds and cones to fully take advantage of the increased geometries. Additionally, the 1506 ESP features an optimized drive circuit with a 2″ high-temp voice coil and a 20mm top plate, giving the 1506 the power handling and coil control to get loud and play clean. All ESP subs are built to truly maximize performance in their designated size classes thanks to features like:

  • Carbon Fiber Blend Cone (CFB) – The CFB composition employs a potent carbon fiber based cocktail to give you the highest strength to weight ratio of any pulp cone in the industry.
  • Vario-density Extended Range Of Motion Surround (V-ROM) – Provides the ultimate in linear control at high excursion while still allowing for dynamic sounding bass reproduction. The control ribs are compressed to a lesser density than the main surround body to allow for a continuously variable control system. The harder you drive it the more control you get.
  • Tuned Spider System (TSS) – Each suspension is tuned for specific performance traits, e.g. High Definition, Power Handling, X-Stiff Control.
  • Super Frame (SFrame) – Maximizes spider diameter, cone diameter, suspension excursion, works as a secondary shorting ring and provides additional heat sinking for better heat flow from the coil.

This performance enhancing package is already available on the 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, and 18” frame sizes of Power Tuned, HiDef Tuned, and Z Series subwoofers. With the addition of the 1506 there’s now an ESP sub to fit your install no matter how big or small.

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1506 Specs:
Power Handling: 300-600 watts RMS
Impedance Options: Dual 2 Ohm or Dual 4 Ohm
Mounting Diameter: 6.3”
Mounting Depth: 6”
MSRP: $369

Learn More: http://ddaudio.com/products/subwoofers/power-tuned/dd1500/


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