December 12th, 2015 / City of Industry.
RE Audio REX-V2 Series was created by Dirk Ecker, Chief of Engineering, and US AMPS Co-Founder. The concept: To add excitement and depth to music. To use very little current, and to keep the cost down while producing drastic results. The REX Sub’s come with single 4 Ohm voice coils in 8”, 10”, and 12” sizes. Each created with individually designed parts to get the most out of each design.
The unique Dual Carbon-Mica Cone, with Santapreane Rubber Surrounds insures the coil stays centered in the air gap. It diffuses unwanted audible coloration and adds durability in harsh environments. An F.E.A. Optimized Motor Structure with increased magnetic flux, and a High Temperature Handling, 8 layered, pure coper voice coil all contribute to RE AUDIO’s legendary and proven performance.
Hernando Mares Jr., (RE AUDIO’s V.P. of Sales & Marketing), stated “They offer the same incredible impact, output and distortion free sound you have come to know and love from RE Audio.” They need only 150 to 200 Watts of R.M.S. power to reach full impact. Yep! Only 150 to 200 Watts R.M.S. This is our benchmark for producing incredible amounts bass while using almost no current.

System #1: (1) REX-V2, 8”, 10”, or 12” Sub-Woofer. (1) SA-50.4 Four Channel Amplifier.
Bridge the Rear Channels to the REX-V2 Sub-Woofer. Then run the Front Channels in Stereo to a set of our SR-6.5C Component Kit. Or use our New Pro Series Midrange Speakers, (SMX-6.5-PRO), and a pair of our 2.5” Horn Loaded Tweeters, (SXT-2.5-PRO).
System #2: Add a 4 Channel Amplifier, [SA-50.4, SA-90.4 or SE-4150], with the rear channels bridged mono, and the two front channels running a pair of SR Series Components or REX-6×9”, 6.5” or 5.25” Coaxial Speakers.

(2) REX-V2 Sub-Woofers, with an SA-500.1 Mono Block Amp for 260 Watts R.M.S. To shake things up.

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Want to maximize output from your REX Sub-Woofer?
[Sealed from .4 to 1.0 cu ft.] [Ported .7 to 1.2 cu ft.] [Ported 1 cu. ft. w/ 3” port 7 sq. in of port area]
[Sealed from .6 to 1.3 cu ft.] [Ported .8 to 1.5 cu ft.] [Ported 1.4 cu. ft. w/ 3” port 7 sq. in of port area]
[Sealed from .8 to 1.8 cu ft.] [Ported. to 2.2 cu. ft.] [Ported 1 cu. ft. w/ 4” port 12.5 sq. in of port area]

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