2020 $150 SPL Challenge

It’s an SPL challenge using only $150 worth of sub(s) and/or amp(s). New prices. Nothing else counts towards your budget. Not wood or batts or anything. Not even shipping! Just the subs and amps.

This time around there will be three divisions. Original flavor and the new “sub only” AND “amp only” flavors. Where you get to spend all $150 on just subs or amps. Classes will be basically trunk and “everybody else”. We’re loosening the rules this year, but let’s be reasonable, please.

There will also be one addition to original flavor this year- the “Rockville” division. Rockville Audio has been kind enough to put together a sub and amp package for $150 just for us! They will have their own division and will also be eligible for the main sub+amp division. So anyone in the Rockville class can be assured they are on a level playing field and didn’t get “out shopped”.

Rules…(these are subject to revision as questions are answered, issues arise and clarifications are needed).

  • “Sub only” means you get to use your whole budget toward your sub(s). All other rules apply. Note: for the sub only challenge YOU MUST BACK UP YOUR SCORE. This means that you will have to do at least two burps within five minutes of each other. The lower score will be the one that counts.
  • “Amp only”- same rules as “sub only”
  • Trunk- all equipment must be in the trunk and the seats must lock back into place.
  • “Outlaw” metering is mic anywhere forward of the ‘B’ pillar and any combination of doors and windows may be opened.
  • No gear forward of the pillar. And no “port scores”.

– You get $150 TOTAL to purchase sub(s) and amp(s). Shipping and/or taxes do not count toward the total.
– Only the price of subwoofer(s) and amplifier(s) count toward your budget. Amplifiers must be designed for mobile audio use.
– Prices must be readily available to the general public and for brand new equipment. No dealer pricing, no homeboy hookups, etc.
– There must be a minimum quantity of (50) items available at the time of purchase or proof of qty(50) at the beginning of the challenge.
– Used equipment may be used provided that the competitor can prove the price of the equipment’s new prices come in under budget.
– Screenshots and/or receipts will be required.

– Competitors must provide video proof of scores. Garage scores are fine as long as the video is comprehensive enough to satisfy the R&E committee. These will be reviewed and scrutinized. And trust me when I tell you that R&E knows every trick in the book.
– Please keep in mind that this is supposed to be fun.

The challenge is now active. It has begun. All scores/videos must be submitted and/or posted by TBD.

Any and all questions and concerns can be asked and addressed here and rules and clarifications will be updated as needed. I know I’ve forgotten something. And for anyone curious… I will be competing but I am excluding myself from prize eligibility.

(Updated 4/23/20)


Sub Only

Test157.2No WallDL Designs 12"


Test148.9No WallBlaupunkt/Rockford

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