Knoxville, TN – XS Power, a world leader in performance power solutions announces the new copper and aluminum Terminal Blocks.

The new XS Power Terminal Blocks allow customers to add multiple runs of 1/0 gauge to their XS Power battery. XS Power’s Terminal Blocks are available with options for two, four, five, and six runs of 1/0 gauge wire.

XS Power’s Terminal Blocks are made from the highest-quality copper and aluminum to ensure unparalleled power transmission and eliminate electrical interference. The XS Power Terminal Blocks are designed and manufactured to handle extreme current demands. As usual, XS Power did their due diligence to find the optimal design and manufacturing technique to bring the most efficient Terminal Blocks to the market.

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Brady Basner, Sales Manager of XS Power noted, “Resistance is the biggest enemy, in an electrical system, when it comes to pulling big power. Our new XS Power Terminal Blocks eliminate the worry of resistance in our customer’s electrical system when they are connecting multiple runs of power and ground wire. We have proven over the years that we know a thing or two running big electrical systems, and we knew this was a product our customers needed.”

XS Power is a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance batteries, chargers, capacitors, cable and accessories with locations in Knoxville, Tennessee and Sparks, Nevada. They offer AGM lead acid, lithium, and custom-made power solutions, as well as a complementary line of accessories. Please visit their website at or call 1-888-4XSPOWER for more information.

You can find the new XS Power Terminal blocks at your local dealer today!

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