LAS VEGAS, September 8, 2021 (MEDIAWIRE)Kingpin University, Nevada-based product supplier and trainer of mobile electronics professionals, announced two in-person training sessions taking place September 20-22 and November 17-19. The two sessions will instruct students on box building and the fundamentals of car audio, respectively, and will be held at the company’s combo retail and training facility in Henderson. Starting September 20, Box Building 101 promises to teach enclosure design in a way that  maximizes sound and style.

The curriculum will instruct attendees on calculating box size and selecting build characteristics to optimize performance of different subwoofers. It will also cover shaping, securing and covering the enclosure, and charging appropriately for the work. On November 17-19, the focus expands to the complete system with Fundamentals of Car Audio. The session was developed to equip new installers with a strong base of hands-on knowledge, and to provide a refresher for experienced technicians.

The curriculum covers oscilloscope and RTA (Real-Time Analyzer) use, gain setting, system design, noise control, electronics, basic sales and fabrication, and more. Each training session includes a take-home fabrication materials kit, achievement plaque and class
project. Tuition for each session is $899, or $849 each if both sessions are reserved in the same transaction.
The training sessions will be conducted in accordance with current locally mandated health and safety guidelines.

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Masks are required while indoors. Precautions include increased cleaning, improved interior circulation and hand sanitizing stations. “We are maintaining our momentum and satisfying the ongoing desire for learning, stemming from our May in-person classes and our workshops at KnowledgeFest Orlando,” said Jason Kranitz, owner and lead instructor at Kingpin University. “We look forward to seeing students in person and providing an opportunity for networking as well as training.”

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