Race Sport Lighting is excited to announce the launch of their new RoadRunner series light bars and auxiliary spotlights.

This slick Blacked Out® light bar is not only slimmer and more appealing than most of the light bars on the marketplace, but the performance and compliance design features really set them apart. Most high-power LED light bars are off-road use only because of their widespread optical beam patterns that do not comply for on-road use.

The RoadRunner series was specifically designed with an optical system that keeps the extra light focused straight and to the sidewalk, focused down and low when recessed into a lower valance bumper or grill for fog style set up. These light bars improve the on-road driving performance on work vehicles that drive in remote areas without streetlights.

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This feature adds additional visual distance in low light conditions for more time to react to hazards.

The RoadRunner series also flaunts a new manufacturing style with screwless frame construction, creating the ultimate weatherproof seal. This series is also strategically designed with a heat transfer lens to make perimeter contact with a heat plate to keep ice from building up and refracting light in the harsh winter environments.

This new technology allows the series to heat the face lens up to 30 degrees warmer than traditional light bars on the marketplace that cannot combat snow or ice buildup. The light bars range from 7” to 50” in the family and the series also features an auxiliary cube, spotlight and flush mount to complete the lineup.

“I am personally excited to launch this exciting new RoadRunner series family of products and look forward to continued growth in the light bar category with an influx of new, professional grade focused customers that will be looking to buy this high-performance light.” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

“From an installer’s perspective, this RoadRunner light bar has it all. It’s slim, heavy-duty, bright, focused and functional for on and off-road use to make it a special bar for the marketplace. This has everything you want in a light bar, especially if you are looking for a bar that you can use on-road in a lower fog light setting.” – Mac Gracia, Installation & Tech Support

The new RoadRunner series light Bars and auxiliary spotlights are in stock and shipping in all sizes out of their Northern Illinois warehouse. All distributors and dealers are encouraged to get this new technology in stock and experience what the excitement is about.

About Race Sport Lighting

At Race Sport® Lighting, we are lighting. For almost two decades we have brought consistently high-quality products and full-service-value to our customers. This is our foundation for growth, and the reason we are the lighting brand the professionals use in North America and beyond.

For more information on Race Sport® Lighting or to become an authorized Race Sport® Lighting dealer visit www.racesportinc.com.

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