RINGWOOD, IL – July 20, 2021

Race Sport Lighting is pleased to announce that the USPTO office has issued a second continuation patent (Patent No. 11,054,127) on their innovative GEN4® LED design. The GEN4® was first launched at the SEMA Show in November of 2019 and was in instantly embraced by the marketplace just a month after applying for the first patent. That patent (Patent No. 10,801,714) was issued in October of 2020.

The GEN4® patented lighting system features a 360° ratchet-style adjustable base for aiming, an anti-glare optical beam deflector and a rotatable heat-sink rope for heat dissipation in tight lens/cover locations.

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Retailers and installers were supporting the product at a rapid pace until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in March of 2020. At that time, the contract factory making GEN4® exclusively for Race Sport took a huge hit from the pandemic and had to close its doors.

We have been working hard over the last year to move the tooling over to their main factory and make some small adjustments to the design before relaunching. Those adjustments were captured in a continuation patent application that has evolved into the recent patent issued by the USPTO.

“We are very anxious to relaunch the GEN4® LED system to the marketplace with a few upgraded adjustments that will increase the performances even more. It was disappointing that we had to switch the tooling to another factory in the middle of the pandemic, but we are still receiving a high demand weekly for this patented high-performance system to relaunch into the marketplace. We are doing everything possible to keep our relaunch target around SEMA Show 2021, just in time to kick off the new year with some major excitement. We are thankful to the USPTO for awarding us a second patent and recognizing a lot of hard work put into this kit.” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

Orders are building up as distributors and dealers nationwide have requested to keep orders open in anticipation for the relaunch. Currently, our Drive Series V2 all-in-one solution system is leading the way in the premium LED headlight kit space of the industry. For information on Race Sport Lighting’s entire LED kit lineup, visit https://www.racesportinc.com/led-headlight-conversions.html.

About Race Sport Lighting

Race Sport Lighting is the leading manufacturer of LED and HID lighting technology in North America, and serves the 12-Volt, Truck Accessory, Powersports, Motorcycle, Marine, and RV industries primarily.

Founded in 2007, Race Sport Lighting is on its 14th year leading the way as the Pioneer for the lighting category. They offer the highest quality lighting products to the industry and back it up with award winning customer service and tech support. This reputation has earned them the position of Preferred Lighting Vendor for AutoGear, AAM Group, MESA, Tint World franchises, and Restylers International just to name a few in the industry.

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