CAMaster to provide special pricing for students, participate in CNC training courses

LAS VEGAS, June 22, 2021 (MEDIAWIRE) Kingpin University (KPU) announced a working agreement with CAMaster, renowned maker of CNC routers based in Cartersville, Ga. Under the agreement, CAMaster will provide reduced pricing for its CNC routers to attendees of Kingpin University training courses.

In addition, CAMaster’s company trainers will participate in drafting curriculum for KPU courses to educate fabricators on advanced CNC router use and capability. CAMaster develops and manufactures industry-specific CNC routers with a blend of high performance and value pricing.

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The company produces five series of CNC routers comprising eight models ranging from heavy industrial to desktop application. Instruction at Kingpin University will involve the Panther Series and versions 2 and 3 of the Stinger Series, as these are best suited for mobile electronics retailers.

“In all of the research we’ve done on CNC manufacturers, we found that CAMaster had the best overall combination of product reliability, choice, price for value and support,” said Jason Kranitz, founder and lead instructor at Kingpin University. “We were especially impressed with the company’s after-sale interaction and opportunities for continued learning. Our goal is to bring our students the deepest level of knowledge about the products they use to grow their careers, and anytime you have a manufacturer willing to join you in that quest, it’s a good thing.”

CAMaster has a vibrant forum at in which professionals ask and answer questions on CNC router use and tips in a community format. The company also provides support via its social media pages.

Industry professionals who purchase CAMaster CNC routers through the KPU partnership will receive priority support and opportunities for additional training as part of the agreement.

“We are pleased to forge a partnership with Kingpin University,” said Cody Smith, director of sales at CAMaster. “While we produce what we feel are the most premium CNC routers on the market, we equally value the community around the craft. Jason and Kingpin share our commitment to growth through education and sharing experiences, and we are excited to partner with them.” Kingpin University is set to hold its next CNC course in the fall at its headquarters in Henderson, Nevada.

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