CONCORD, Calif., Oct. 8, 2020 — PowerArm™, a SafeGuard Power Products brand, today released the new PowerArm Retrofit Kit, giving installers the ability to convert their one- or two-ton engine hoists into powered hoists. The PowerArm uses a battery-powered linear actuator to lift and lower engines with a remote control.

“The truth is both weekend mechanics and professional installers hate installing engines,” said Evan Wolozin, CEO, SafeGuard Power Products. “Trying to align an engine for reconnection using a traditional hydraulic hoist is extremely imprecise and frustrating, especially when operating alone. We improve that experience by attaching a powered actuator and wired remote, giving precise control over the engine.”

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The PowerArm actuator provides smooth, precise adjustments crucial for re-installing engines.  The connected, handheld remote control allows installers the freedom to guide and align the engine with full access to the engine bay, rather than making guesses from a distance with traditional hydraulic engine cranes.

“We’ve received high praise from our pilot installers and believe this will become a favored tool in many installers’ arsenals.” said Wolozin.

The PowerArm is designed to dramatically reduce the time and frustration typically experienced with re-installing engines. The PowerArm Retrofit Kit can upgrade hoists in as little as five minutes, and includes all the components necessary for a safe installation.

PowerArm plans to release a line of fully integrated engine hoists beginning in late 2020.

About PowerArm

PowerArm, a SafeGuard Power Products brand, is a designer and manufacturer of powered vehicle accessories with facilities in Concord, CA and Eaton Rapids, MI. PowerArm products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Learn more about PowerArm at

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