This build was designed to be a daily, low end ground pounder build. The goal for this build wasn’t exactly numbers, but rather a flat response and a deep low end reproduction.

Vehicle: 2002 Ford Ranger Edge 4×4

Deck: Pioneer

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Amps: (2) Ampere Audio AA-2000.1D | (1) Ampere Audio AA-150.4

Sub Stage: (1) Ampere Audio AA-4.0 18″ D2 | 7.3 cubic ft box tuned to 32hz.

Front Stage: Currently Stock. Soon to be 2 sets of Ampere Audio AA-6.5c

Electrical: (1) XS Power D3400 | (4) XS Power D680s | (1) Singer 320a 6-Phase Alt | All NVX wiring

Various: CNF Distribution terminals, reducers

Metering: 141.6dB @ 20hz | 146.1dB @ 30hz

12227699_1068113053228367_7754265316087117096_n 12208744_1068113133228359_9120141511151820773_n 12189557_1068113229895016_4653476000860969043_n 12189916_1068113379895001_5888094915337710278_n 12227740_1068113413228331_5195504890665359214_n 12227723_1068113669894972_2386330519418284330_n 12208321_1068114143228258_6716194094259577816_n 12196283_1068114206561585_415995045001759776_n 11225723_1068114289894910_24217046302606615_n 12193520_1068114463228226_3221883957295201056_n 12240049_1069404973099175_7847346052319590535_n (1) 12376085_1082378675135138_5108786061831843036_n (1)

12368996_1082885855084420_2715785147826358670_n (1)

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