This year, Cadence Sound has decided to make some drastic changes. We have decided to cease business with internet resellers and put our efforts into dealer-direct as well as our own ecommerce website.

Our goal with implementing these new strategies is to keep pricing profitable for our dealers, clean up all internet sales of Cadence products, and offer quality products at great prices that benefit all involved. We are investing in this project to provide more for our dealers and end users.

Cadence has made strong efforts to cease doing business with vendors who have not followed pricing guidelines. We hope that this results in opportunities for our dealers to feel confident in what we offer to their dealership. By changing our structure to dealer-direct and no online distribution, our dealers now have the chance to take advantage of the new market.

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Authorized dealers are able offer extended warranties and over the counter exchanges to help drive customers to their doors. By cutting out two-step distributors, Cadence is able to lower the price to the end user and still give a profitable margin to our dealers while also giving them lower pricing.

In addition, Cadence has hired an Online Marketing Team that is focused on controlling internet pricing, and cleaning up the internet sales by making sure the official Cadence website is the only place for online sales. From now on, Cadence is in control of online pricing. Cadence has social media experts who are implementing new strategies for our marketing efforts.

This year, you will see a new and improved Cadence Sound!

Interested in becoming a Cadence dealer or influencer? Dealer and Representative inquiries are welcome. Visit our website or give us a call 626.465.3383.

For more information or to find out how to join the #CadenceTeam, please contact us at [email protected]

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