The JL Audio TW3 & TW5 Template Set! With this set, you can make one of a kind custom subwoofer enclosures and easily flush mount the TW3/TW5 mounting flange. Our template set also allows you to create custom pressed grills, transfer alignment holes, and precisely cut the subwoofer cutout hole to ensure no air leakage around the mounting flange for optimal performance.

Take a quick look at the set in action with this quick demo video from @caraudiofab and be sure to watch till the end for an add on special offer!


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  • Made from durable shatter-resistant plastic
  • Designed to hang on slat or grid wall
  • Pre-aligned mounting holes
  • Engraved center lines & vertical index marks
  • 1/8” Alignment holes for the top and bottom layers
  • 3 sizes 10TW3, 12TW3 & 13TW5

Set Includes:
3 Sets of 5 Templates each for the three Subwoofer Models (15 total pieces)
Special thanks to MIT Acoustics and Car Audio Fabrication for the development and collaboration.

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