Have you heard of a “CK” socket? It’s a wiring configuration in some 3157 and 7443 size applications that is different from the standard socket. The difference is in the pin configuration on the bulb. If a non-CK compatible bulb is installed in a CK socket, you run the risk of blowing your fuse or damaging the LED bulb itself.


While many suppliers offer “CK” and “non-CK” versions of their products, Diode Dynamics is pleased to offer two bulb models, the HP11 and HP48, which utilize our unique, fully non-polar design. This special design allows our bulbs to be used with both standard and CK wiring configurations. Whether it’s a standard socket or a CK, you’ll never run the risk of using the wrong bulb and shorting the socket. In addition, due to the non-polar design, the bulbs can be installed in any orientation and will still function perfectly.

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Our HP48 and HP11 bulbs are perfect plug-and-play replacements for any 1156, 1157, 3156, 3157, 7440 or 7443 incandescent bulb! Both models are available in red, white and amber, for turn signal, brake, tail light, and reverse light applications. At Diode Dynamics, we take the time to design and engineer our products in-house, including features like the fully non-polar design. This results in a superior product that is easier to use, and provides greater long-term reliability and overall brightness. Like all Diode Dynamics products, they are backed by a 3-year replacement warranty, and satisfaction guarantee. Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting today!

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